You want to meet ladyboys in China?†But you donít know how to do it, not mentioning that the country is ultra conservative. Be reassured, Iíve made my little investigation and Iíll show you everything in the rest of the article.

Dates in a nutshell

Unlike in other Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines for example, Chinese ladyboys are few and far between. Which is rather comprehensible considering the very conservative rules and customs of the Middle Kingdom. If you want to form an opinion, the translation of ìtranssexualî in Chinese means ìmonsterî.

However, meeting ladyboys in China isnít insurmountable. Yet, note that most ladyboys you will meet in China will be Thai or Filipina living in the country to offer their charms to men that want 3rd sex dates.

Where to meet ladyboys in China

Over the Internet

As I was telling you in the previous paragraph, ladyboys are few and far between in China. The great majority of dates will then be made over the Internet. This will enable you at the same time to get to know each other better upon your arrival in China.

Here’s a screenshot of the different dating sites that Iím used to browse


At the time when I write these lines, Simon just launched the Chinese version of his site. I agree with you, 6 profiles are not many. However, Iím certain that in the following months, weíll see new profiles flourish. We just have to wait.

chinese ladyboys


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The oldest site dedicated to ladyboys dates still has a rosy future. Of course, it only offers 30 users profiles. However, one also has to take into account the fact that the great majority of men first looks for dates in Thailand. This induces a rather weak competition. In short, you will have every chance.

chinese ladyboys


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Just like for the article I had written on dates in Japan, here one is literally drowning in profiles. And then, the users are far from being ugly, quite the opposite. By the way, you’ll be able to meet ladyboys in most big cities in China. From Beijing to Shanghai including Guangzhou.

chinese ladyboys

Tranny date

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A glance is enough to notice that Trannydate and Ladyboykisses are the sites offering the highest number of profiles.

You must have understood that, if you wish to meet ladyboys in China, dating sites are still the best way to achieve your aims. Depending on your expectations, I recommend you Ladyboykisses for serious dates and Trannydates for one-night stands.

In bars

As I wrote in the previous lines, ladyboys are few and far between in China. However, there are some ìgay friendlyî bars in which you’ll be able to mix with the 3rd genre.

Bars in Beijing

As I was telling you, unlike in Thailand, there are very few bars with gogodancers.

However, you can go to this bar:

  • Xiu Pickup Bar: the only ìofficialî bar that I’ve been able to find in China…

As you can see, dating ladyboys in China is much more complicated than in other Asian countries. Rather go to dating sites where you’ll have a better chance of pulling ladyboys.