You’ve decided to go to the Philippines during your next holidays and you wish to take the utmost of this opportunity to meet filipino ladyboys? In the rest of the article, you will have a great head start by discovering where and how to meet them easily and this even before going to this country.

Dates in a nutshell

The most popular country for its numerous transsexuals is still Thailand. However, you would be surprised to know that the most beautiful ladyboys are from the Philippines.

Often more cultivated, a higher study level and a perfect knowledge of English, they clearly stand out from their Thai neighbors. And one needs to say that they really are very pretty. By the way, you will be able to confirm that by yourself in the rest of the article.

Where to meet ladyboys in the Philippines?


As I tell you each time, the best (and quickest) way to meet ladyboys, whether in the Philippines, in Thailand or in any other south-eastern Asian country is online. You donít even imagine how many couples form through dating sites.

Most of my friends and even me (when thatís not new acquaintances) met their girlfriend online in 80% of cases.

And this, even if they live in the country. One has to say that Asian females are always connected and use chat platforms, Facebook and dating sites much more than our occidental ladies.

Therefore, the site I recommend you to meet people is obvious. That is of course myladyboydate. I will tell you why right after that.

But just before that, here is a screenshot of a research made on the site:

filipino ladyboy

Research result on Myladyboydate

There are no less than 3443 registered users on the site. Needless to say you will have the choice. And one has to say they are really feminine, while remaining natural.

By the way, here are some nice profiles:

filipino ladyboy 2

I fall for her…


filipino ladyboy 3

Here again…

So why is Myladyboydate the reference of the genre?

  • Simon, the webmaster of the site, lives in the Philippines and lives as a couple with a local transsexual.
  • Most ladyboys on the site are from the Philippines.
  • The site is clearly positioned on ìserious relationshipsî. Thereís no chance to find a ìFakeî profile.
  • The transsexuals on the site are really looking for a relationship (or a holiday passing romance).
  • Establishing of contact is very easy

To sum it up, if thereís only one site that you should browse in order to meet ladyboys in the Philippines, thatís Myladyboydate.

Visit the website


In bars

You will also be able to meet people on site. Be careful however, the acquaintances you will make there may be far from leading to a serious relationship. If you see what I mean.

As in most big cities, you will have to look for the nightlife places. Therefore, I selected for you some bars in Cebu and Manila. Enjoy It.

Bars in Cebu:

You will have to go to Mango Square

  • Club Juliana: one of the major ladyboys bars.

Bar in Manila:

All the hot bars of the city are in Burgos Street, but not only.

  • Mr Woman: the title says it all…
  • Mixed Nuts: a 100% ladyboys bar (see the video hereunder)

In daily life

Exactly like in Thailand, you will have the occasion to meet nice ladyboys all over the place. By the way, the Filipino are generally up for discussion.

Whether thatís after in a café, in a shopping mall, a restaurant or simply in the street, you will have many occasions to meet someone.

Thatís it, you now know much more about how to meet ladyboys in the Philippines. By the way, if you know other places, share them in the comments.