You want to meet ladyboy during your stay in Japan? The only issue is that you donít know at all where to look? Don’t worry, in the next part of this article Iíve made an investigation and I reveal you how to meet nice ladyboys ready to make you discover their country, and more if you hit it off…

Dates in a nutshell

You are attracted by transsexuals and you want to seize the opportunity of your stay in Japan to meet people? One has to say that concerning ladyboys in Japan, thatís a bit the same as in Europe, they are few and far between. Compared to Thailand and the different countries in South-Eastern Asia, it is really not as easy to meet some all over the place.

As I was planning to spend some time in Tokyo during the year, and as a big fan of Miran, I told myself it would be nice to meet one or two transsexuals during my stay. Therefore, I made some research and I stumbled upon 2 or 3 interesting things. Take a look.

Where to meet ladyboy in Japan?


When one doesnít know the country and doesnít want to waste time (thatís not easy to find someone during two-week holidays), the easiest and quickest way to meet ladyboys is still to browse dating sites. As you know, I swear only by 2 sites, Myladyboydate and Trannydate.

After a quick search, the first results show:

japan ladyboy

Myladyboydate screenshot

Visit Myladyboydate


japan ladyboy

Trannydate screenshot

Visit TrannyDates

As you can see, both sites offer quite a few profiles.

Myladyboysdate, offers profiles of quite attracting users. One has to say that Asian transsexuals have the knack of having very feminine curves. However, there arenít many profiles, only 14 listed records. Itís not much, but it’s better than nothing, especially since the ladies are quite reactive and I already established a first contact with “Kim”.


japan ladyboy

Admit sheís classy


Trannydates, is all the opposite. One is drowning in profiles. The site is clearly more positioned on one-night stands and one can even find quite a few drag queens. But if one searches well, one can notice quite interesting users like Juliaw88.

To sum it up, dating sites are by far the best way to meet people. On top of making a new friend, youíll also have the opportunity to discover the country in a very different way.


In bars

Just as in Thailand, there are some districts and streets dedicated to tourism. And when one thinks about tourism, one necessarily thinks about bars. When one thinks about bar, one may think about ladyboys…

After some research on the Internet, here is what I found.
A district is very famous for its night life and its bars. This district is Roppongi, located in Monato in Japan. By deepening the research, I discovered 4 bars/cabarets exclusively filled with ladyboys. Bingo.

Here are the 4 bars:

  • Motown is a bar which, as the name suggests, plays Motown. The best period to meet ladyboys is clearly on Friday and Saturday night from 11 pm.
  • Black Horse Bar is a place that mixes ladyboys and women.
  • Gaspanic, just as the Black Horse, is a lovely mix of genres. One has to know that ìJapanese ladiesî are clearly here to have fun with foreigners.
  • Kingyo Roppongi is more a cabaret than a bar. You will be able to go there to see shows. Closed on Mondays, it offers 2 50-minute shows per day.

Also note youíll be able to go the gay district of Tokyo, I mean Shinjuku Ni-chome. Even though most bars are frequented by men, the Swan Bar and K Bar also welcome transsexuals. Enjoy your visit.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to meet ladyboy in Japan.

I recommend you to start establishing contacts over the Internet (so as to ensure dates on site), and then, once in Japan, to pub-crawl a bit. You will necessarily have the occasion to meet nice people.