How to combine a trip in Malaysia, ladyboys and dates? In the rest of the article, I will show you how youíll be able to quickly and easily meet people. Iím certain youíll spend you trip in very good company.

Dates in a nutshell

As Malaysia is a country where Islam is dominant, one could imagine that tolerance towards ladyboys is limited. However, thatís not the case. Iíve been really surprised with the openness and kindness of people.

Very far from the clichÈs that are hammered home all day long on TV.

All this to tell you that ladyboys are very present in Malaysia. However, the community still remains stigmatized and it wonít be easy for you to meet people in the streets like in Thailand for example.

Where to meet ladyboys in Malaysia

On the Internet

With Thailand and the Philippines, Malaysia is among the countries in which it is fairly easy to meet ladyboys. Thatís also one of the countries that use social networks very much, as well as dating sites.

One just has to browse a bit the most famous sites to realize that.

As I had announced you, there are many users. One must say that theyíre far from being ugly, quite the opposite. If youíre rather fond of feminine, sexy and refined ladyboys, they’re coming up.


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With no less than 96 results (there will certainly be more by the time you read these lines), the site claims to be a reference in serious dates. The great majority of users are here for friendly relationships and more if you hit it off. In short, if your objective is to get laid with a transsexual during the night, go on your way, youíll have a better chance with the second site.

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You’ll find there a charming mix of escorts and ladyboys looking for a one-night stand in exchange of being supported during your holidays (restaurants, small gifts) and some other that are clearly here for sex.

One just has to look at the profile pictures to notice what the ladies are showcasing.

I don’t need to make you a drawing.

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As I always say, the best way to meet people, especially if you are planning a trip in a few weeks, is to register on dating sites.

This will particularly enable you not to waste time on site. To take time to get to know each other well in order to be able to shift up a gear once on site.

And then, seduction via Internet is really something exciting. The excitement doesn’t stop increasing when you get near D-Day. Thatís a moment I really appreciate, do you?

To sum it up, if youíre looking for a serious relationship or someone that could guide you and accompany you during your stay (and more if you hit it off), the Myladyboydate site should be obvious to you.

To the contrary, if you only want to get laid, youíd better fall back on Trannydates.

In bars and in the street

As I told you in the previous lines, in Malaysia ladyboys are few and far between. However, there are some ìgay friendlyî bars in which you can go.

Bars in Kuala Lumpur

If you want to meet ladyboys for a one-night stand, youíll have to go to the Haji Taib district. It is composed of several streets, Lorong Haji Taid 1, 2, 3 and

Here are the 2 main bars where you should go:

  • Nang Sing Disco Lounger
  • Diamond Music Hall

You should also note that youíll be able to go to some gay bars in Kuala Lumpur like the Blue
Boy located in Bukit Bintang:

Youíll also be able to call on freelancers. However, there are many swindlings. Youíd better avoid calling on them. If you feel like doing so, you can still go for a walk in Sungei wang plaza, around 10 pm.

There are many other places all over Kuala Lumpur, but one needs to know the city well to go there. The best thing to do is still to call on an escort or a freelancer via Trannydate for example.

With a bit of luck, sheíll have a crush on you and will offer you the night.

That’s it, you have all the necessary information to meet ladyboys in Malaysia. You just need to have a try.