You’re planning to go to Singapore and wish to make the most of the opportunity to meet a nice ladyboy? In the rest of the Article, I’ll show you where and how to meet some. Take what you need to take some notes, let’s go.

Dates in a nutshell

Singapore is a city I particularly like, especially the airport with its panoramic view upstairs. Maybe also because it’s a place where that’s easy to meet ladyboys.

Unlike the dates you way have in Thailand, most ladyboys living in Singapore are really classy. The city targets wealth and living there a good part of the year requires to have quite some financial means. This automatically filters the aspirants. One just has to compare a hotel night in Kuala Lumpur to be aware of the difference in terms of standard of living.

Where to meet ladyboys in Singapore

Over the internet

What better solution than making contact with a nice ladyboy before coming to the country? As far as I am concerned, I love hitting on ladyboys on dating sites. I think that spices up the trip. Meet up with the superb ladyboy with whom you got on well over the Internet upon your arrival at the airport is an experience I wish you’ll be able to live.

Let’s see how it is on dating sites.

You have to admit it, that’s a display. I think I’ve never seen so many profiles, each one more attracting than the other. When I was saying that ladyboys in Singapore were nice and refined, I wasn’t lying.


singapor ladyboy

Well ok, there are only 17 users, but one has to admit they don’t lack charm. My favorite is Hershey that really has everything for you. By the way, after having browsed her photo album (more than 19 pictures), she contacted me several hours later. In short, it is worth taking a look.

Visit the website



singapor ladyboy

The site offers twice as many profiles (32 at the time I write this article). Having scrolled them, I know we’re on the same page. The ladyboys are very nice and contact people very easily.

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Tranny Dates:

singapor ladyboy

The site clearly has a head start on the 2 previous ones, with many profiles. I stopped counting after 100. However, unlike the profiles on the 2 previous sites, a good part of the ladyboys present on this one are escorts. One has to say that the site is clearly positioned towards ìcasual sexî.

Therefore, you’ll have to sort it out. As far as I’m concerned, I appreciated talking with Gorgeouspinayts.

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To sum it up, if you want serious dates, Myladyboydate and Ladyboyskisses clearly are for you. Even if I prefer by far the first one, one has to say that there are more profiles on Ladyboykisses. The best thing you could do is still to register on both sites before making your choice.

To the contrary, if you want to spend an uncomplicated night in good company, Trannydates is much more appropriate. Check if the ladyboy with whom you talk is an escort or if she simply wants to spend some quality time.

In bars

If you’re used to going in bars in Thailand, the rates for the different services may surprise you. Indeed, a Short Time costs 50 USD in Bangkok, but is more than 200 USD in Singapore.

Bars in Singapore:

The city is composed of 2 main bars located in the Orchard Tower.

Here’s a video that has been shot in front of the building

  • Crazy horse: located on the 4th floor, it offers a mix of real women and ladyboys. The best thing to do is still to ask before going in.
  • Romeo Club: The ultimate point of reference for ladyboys lovers. No need to be shy, all men you’ll meet there are here for the exact same thing. Dating ladyboys.

In the Geylang street Singapore

You’ll also be able to go to the red district of the city, and in particular to Geyland Lorang 16. The tricks rates will be much cheaper, and you’ll be able to go to the small hotels nearby.

Via escorts sites

As I was telling you, the city, throughout its standard of living, attracts many escorts looking for wealthy clients (or that have some in their wallets). This can be an alternative solution if you’re ill-at-ease in a bar. You’ll be able to ask a charming ladyboy to come and meet you directly at your hotel. The fall-out is that it will cost you much more.

There are many sites, you just have to type ´†ladyboy escort Singapore†ª in Google to get a whole lot of them.

The 2 most famous:

That’s it, you now have all cards in hands to meet ladyboys in Singapore. As far as I am concerned, I still prefer dating sites. For the simple and good reason that it is much cheaper in the end.