Dating sites: The 3 types of ladyboys

You wish to meet ladyboys on dating site? Don’t register before having read this article, at the risk of wasting your money and your feelings. In the rest of the article, you’ll learn how to spot the 3 types of ladyboys that visit them and the traps you should avoid.

1 – The Freelancers

Don’t delude yourself, regardless of the dating site you’re going to visit, there will be ladyboys looking for potential clients. Nothing alarming at first sight, especially if that’s the kind of relations you’re looking for.

Most ladyboys work in bars (or are self-employed). By the way, they don’t hide it, they overtly offer their service.

There’s nothing easier than to spot them:

  • They approach you and offer you to spend the night with them. Like “Hey baby, do you want good time with me tonight”.
  • Their photo albums look like a Playboy issue. The pictures are ultra-sexy and the poses are very attractive.
  • They have hundreds of friends, and many foreigners.
  • You will find them on many dating sites.

If you want to spend a night on the theme of lust, it goes without saying that you’re at the right place. Be cautious all the same, they won’t do it for free (this is obvious).

Note that some of them are also looking to be supported during your stay. In short, you won’t have to pay for trick, but you’ll have to support her during your stay.

The benefit is that you will have a fuck buddy available, with no hassle.

The best site to find fuck buddies by the dozen is still the dating site Tranny Dates.

2 – The scammer

You don’t only meet beau-monde on dating sites. We foreigners, who fall in love easily, are easily manipulable with human misery and poverty. Who has never felt concerned by humanitarian donations campaigns for poor children from the third world?

As a live much of the year in Thailand, I can tell you that other people’s pity is far from a Thai concerns. However, some of them quickly understood they could play with our feelings and our empathy to squeeze out from us as many bahts as possible…

I’ve heard so many stories of men that got cleaned out of their money after succumbing to the charm of an innocent Thai… The principle is always the same, they settle a relationship based on trust, bring down the resistance and always have the right argument at the right time.

The goal is always the same: convincing you to send her some money.

Here are some well-known rip offs that are still topical:

  • The internet bill: she really would like to go on chatting with you, but the bill just came. She doesn’t have enough money and the line might be closed… For your information, a month of internet costs 600 Bahts (15 euros) and an hour in a cybercafé costs 20 Bahts (0,50 cts). You’ve been warned…
  • Sick: she doesn’t have any salary anymore and she needs to pay the hospital.
  • That’s a special day and she doesn’t have any money to give presents to her family. I live in the family of my girlfriend, and there are very few special days. In general, people don’t get presents on their birthday. The most expensive thing we had to pay is 1000 Bahts (25 euros) to buy beef for the whole family…
  • Studies: no money to pay the nephew’s school. If only you knew how low the tuition fees are….
  • The buffalo which got sick, the motorbike which is out of service, my ass on the dresser… In general, it is rare that a Thai panhandles to solve a problem. They are pretty resourceful and asking for money is something reductive…

The thing is that when you live in Asia, you notice that 3 quarters of the excuses given by the swindlers don’t make sense.

Use your critical mind, and above all, your common sense. If after 3, 4 days of chat she starts asking for money, there’s probably something fishy going on.

3 – Daily-life ladyboys

The picture I’ve been depicting until now isn’t lurid at all. Let me reassure you right now, the 2 previous profiles are far from being the majority. By the way, you would be surprised to know there are many ladyboys looking for a serious relationship.

Of course, I’ve talked a lot about Thailand (because this is what I know best), but that’s also true for all the other Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia or even China or Japan.

In fact, sometimes you just have to choose your dating site well. If you’re looking for sincere and friendly dates (that could lead to a serious relationship), I can only recommend this 2 ladyboy dating site

On top of making a good friend, you may (or you will) have the chance to have her get to you at the airport and free some time to be at your site during your stay.

And yes, she has a normal job (cashier at 7/11, waitress in a restaurant, seller in Pratunam….) and will have to make concessions to spare you some of her time.