Ladyboy: how to succeed in the first date?

You’ve been chatting with a ladyboy for several weeks and you have planned to meet when you arrive in Asia? The thing is it’s your first time and you don’t really know how to deal with your first date. In the rest of the article, I will give you everything you need to succeed in your date.

Ladyboy: the 3 pieces of advice

What’s more exciting than knowing that someone waits resolutely for your arrival? To say the truth, I always find a way to meet her either at the airport or that very evening in a coffee-shop near my hotel (we only have 2 weeks of holidays, no time to waste).

If you’ve been following this blog for quite some time, you know that this is the way I met Jassy.

Before cutting to the chase, I advise you, in a first phase, to not have a single plan. Quite simply because sometimes your new friend steps into radio silence once you arrive. Also, sometimes she isn’t free on the first days. In short, it would be a shame to come empty-handed after so much effort.

Therefore, I invite you to talk with 4 or 5 ladyboys at a time to stack all the odds in your favor.
Now, let’s see how to deal with your first date in 3 steps

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1 – Have a presentable outfit and appearance:

Ok, you are on holidays and it’s quite hot in Asia. But please, don’t go to your first date as a tourist. You know, the typical shorts and tank top.

Make an effort and give priority to trousers, a short-sleeved shirt and shoes (there are also some very sophisticated flip-flops nowadays).

Don’t forget to take a good shower, to do your hair properly, and to enliven it all with a small touch of perfume.

This seems very easy, but so many men forget these fundamentals once they’re on holidays…

2 – The place for the date:

For your first date, I really advise you to choose a neutral place. It can be a coffee-shop, a bar, a restaurant, or even a park (I still prefer the restaurant).

In particular, avoid everything that could tend to have a “romantic” connotation like the cinema. Your friend would feel trapped and would not necessarily feel easy.

Then, it all depends on the affinities you’ve been able to put in place over the Internet.

Also, don’t be surprised if she comes with a friend, especially in Thailand. Well, we see that more among Thai females than ladyboys, but that can happen. You’d better be warned in advance.

3 – What type of conversation to tackle:

Never start asking her something like “what do you do as a living” or even worse “have you been operated?” On top of having the impression to be interrogated, you will get knocked back for sure.

The best thing is still to start complimenting her (on her outfit for example). Show her that she interests you.

And to know if she’s already been operated, know that you’ll already have the answer to your question on the dating site I recommend you.

Otherwise, no particular subjects, you simply have to show a relaxed and fun attitude (without being a drag for all that). Most Asian females like to speak about food, TV shows or even fashion.

However, avoid jokes and off-beat humor. Rare are the Asian females that get the nuance.

In short, you have to stop thinking that ladyboys are different from other girls. By the way, they are certainly 10 times more “feminine” in their heads.

By following the few pieces of advice I’ve shared with you, you already have a head start on the other men.

And then, if you like each other and you’ve got on well over the Internet, there’s no reason it won’t work. I wish you a pleasant date.

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