How to have sex with a ladyboy?

You’ve been chatting with a ladyboy for quite some time, the first date went all right and now is the time to act out. The thing is you simply don’t know how to deal with the situation. In the rest of the article, I show you how to do that, especially if that’s your first time with a ladyboy.

Ladyboy and sexual roles

For those of you who don’t know how to deal with a ladyboy, I remember a friend made me the following remark “that’s exactly like a girl, but better”, “a ladyboy is capable of doing everything like a girl, and sometimes more”.

Let’s face it, what mostly brings men to have a relationship with transgender partners is before all their physical distinctive feature. This physical paradox between a female look and the presence of male assets (for those who still have it).

So yes, sleeping with a ladyboy falls under fantasy for many men, so what?

But let’s get back to business. You’ve got to know a nice ladyboy over the Internet, and you’ve met her in flesh and bone, there was some nice feeling between you, and now is time to act out.

Generally, if you appeal to a ladyboy, you’ll realize very quickly. They tend to get straight to the point.
In short, prepare yourself for a brand new experience, and I envy you.

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1 – Active

The great majority of ladyboys prefer their partner to be active. By this, I mean that you are going to penetrate your partner in anal coitus. Don’t forget, ladyboys feel they are a woman before all. They will prefer to be passive during sexual relations.

Note that if your partner has already been operated, the sex act will be exactly the same as with a biological woman, with the difference that she will have an artificial vagina. Even if that can repel you in the beginning, you have to know that these prostheses are pretty well designed.

To such an extent that you won’t tell the difference with a real one.

Caution, in both cases, it is highly recommended to lubricate as much as possible.

2 – Passive

Some of us prefer to be passive during the sexual act. By this, I mean being penetrated. Even if this practice represents a minority, it still exists.

However, it is fairly rare to see 100% ladyboys. If you wish to have this kind of relations, you may have to head towards a professional (There are many in bars ;-)).

And a thing we don’t necessarily remember is that most ladyboys follow a hormonal treatment. This induces an erection malfunction and an inability to penetrate.

In short, they can’t have a hard-on. To overcome this malfunction, taking Viagra if often the solution.
However, you’re not shielded from a nice surprise, because some ladyboys could do with switching roles from time to time.

3 – Versatile

You are versatile when you get as much pleasure when you penetrate as when you get penetrated. Even if that’s still not the majority, you are more likely to come across a partner who accepts, from time to time, to switch roles.

Nothing can be compared with this kind of relations. If by any chance you are open-minded and there’s a good feeling with your new friend, I invite you to give it a try. The only risk you take is to ask for some more.

In short, having sex with a ladyboy isn’t so different than doing it with a girl. There are just more combinations and she’ll know much more how to take care of you in a proper way.

Also note that penetration will only be anal (unless your partner has already been operated) and that you may be able to switch roles.

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