You’re passing through Bangkok and you want to make the most of the opportunity to meet ladyboys? In the rest of the article, you’ll discover 4 ways to approach them. And as a bonus you’ll have the sentences in Thai that you should know perfectly to stack all the odds in your favor.

Dates in a word

For those who like ladyboys, Thailand is like heaven on Earth. One has to say that the latter are particularly nice and feminine (insomuch that some female Thai are completely jealous of them). By the way, that’s not rare to meet some during a trip, whether that’s on the street, at 7/11 or at the reception of a hotel.

However, they still have that very scandalous reputation that never leaves them. One only need to search “ladyboy” on Google to see hundreds of link redirecting to porn videos. And then, one has to say that TV reports don’t help either. How many journalists stopped only at the gogo bars in Bangkok and Pattaya?

If you want to meet ladyboys at Bangkok, I would advise you to be careful. Not in that ìI risk my lifeî but rather in that ìwell, where are my bahts?î, especially if you gang up with her in a bar. It’s most likely that’s a freelancer, and stories of strangers being cleaned out by a ladyboy gang are not rare on the Thai TV news. Of course, some people are well-intentioned, that’s the case for Jassy and I by the way, one just needs to be careful.

With this, I wish you a pleasant visit. Enjoy.

Where to meet ladyboys in Bangkok?

On the Internet

You’re in France, they’re in Thailand. Unless you can teleport or travel several times a year to Asia, Internet still remains your best friend to meet ladyboys. And then, this will enable you to be one step ahead the day you decide to go there on a trip. And most important, this will enable you not to lose time making moves on site, and hopefully you could have a good surprise when leaving the airport.

To tell the truth, this is how it went with Jassy and I. We had been chatting for a good two months, after me met on a dating site. She came and picked me up at the airport when I arrived in Bangkok, and since then, we’ve been together for 3 years.

By the way, if I had only one site to recommend you, that’s really Myladyboydate.

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In bars

You just turned up in Bangkok and you want to take your mind off things. Why not go in one of the numerous bars of the city. Although the dates you’ll do there will only be based on a client/hostess relationship, this is an opportunity to drink some beers in good company.

Feel free to make a ladyboy come to your table to offer her a drink and chat with her. You should know that from this moment, her only goal will be to get you horny to make you get down to business. And God knows they are not faint-hearted. So if you’re fond of scrubbing action and big smooches, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. Courtesy would except from you that you give her a tip (100 bahts) for the service she provided you with (in case you don’t want to pay her bar fine to continue the night together).

Favor ladyboys that work in bars instead of those who work in freelance, and this for a good reason. That’s not rare to see on the news trans being caught drugging their clients to better strip them after. If you meet her in a bar, you’ll have at least the possibility to turn against her by going directly to the mama-san.

To avoid troubles, here is a list of bars where to go in Bangkok:

In Patpong:

In Soi Cowboy:

  • The Cockatoo

At Nana Plaza:

  • The Cascade Ladyboy Bar
  • The Obssesion Gogo Bar
  • The Temptation Gogo Bar

As you can see, Bangkok doesn’t lack bars. All the same, be careful around Patong, the neighborhood is famous for is numerous tourist rip-offs (and that’s hundreds of euros). So if a tout offers you a ping pong show, or something like that, simply go on your way.

I promise, I’ll check all ladyboys bars to offer you other reviews. To be continued.

At a party

If you’re not fond of gogo bars, you also have the possibility to meet ladyboys at parties. That’s still rarer to find ladyboys clubs for the simple and good reason that they are not often allowed in. By the way, to be sure not to be turned down with Jassy when we go out at the Shock 39, we keep it under our hat so as not to draw attention to her.

In fact, this is due to the bad reputation of the latter, and to the numerous rip offs they are reproached for. What doesn’t prevent people to meet some on site. Still, you should know that most of them are also freelancers and that they won’t be selfless.

You’ll also be able to meet some at Khao San Road. That’s not rare to see some arrive in groups to have a drink in the terrace of one of the numerous bars of that street. A glance is often enough to make them react and to make them invite you to toast together. I find it immediately more enjoyable and uncomplicated. Maybe because I prefer the open air.

On a side note, the first time I met transsexuals in Bangkok was when I went to a club in the suburbs of Bangkok. After having gone around the establishment for a recognition of the premises, I saw a group of Thais making signs asking me to join them. When I approached, I realized that none of them was a girl. Which didn’t prevent me to spend a wonderful night.

Cabarets and other shows

Another way to approach the third gender, cabarets and other events like Tiffany’s Show. Well, this time you’ll only be a spectator, but that’s still worth the journey.

I remember friends that managed to get me to DJ Station in Silom, a 100% gay nightclub. And all this on the pretext of seeing a cabaret in Katoey. I found it quite nice, even though the dancers were not so good. We were more in the drag queen category rather than in the transsexual category (I mean men disguised as women). The show climax was precisely when it ended. In fact, the show happened in a gay nightclub crowded out with horny guys. I really thought I would never go out, and I must have been pawed at least fifty times on the way out.

Here are 2 shows among the most famous in Thailand:

  • The Calypso cabaret: kind of review with only trans (possibility to be photographed with them at the end of the show)
  • The Tiffany’s Show: THE Miss competition, where all participants are ladyboys.

There are also other less known shows. That’s the case for a small troupe in which a friend of Jassy performs. In this case, that was a gay that dresses as a woman for the show. The transformation is really outstanding.

In daily life

One would forget that ladyboys can be normal people with a normal job. If you go for a walk in the streets of Bangkok, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to realize that the waitress is a trans. That’s especially the case for the waitress at the Yum Saap restaurant that is located in the Food Court of Platinium Fashion Mall. The worst thing is that I was completely taken in. Jassy made me realize it.

Another side note is that when I went home in a BTS, I met Bambi, a young ladyboy that went in the carriage at the same time as I did. I immediately understood what she wanted when she started to look at me blankly. The advantage with ladyboys is that they don’t beat about the bush. If you appeal to them, you’ll know it very quickly.

All this was to say that you don’t need to go in a gogo bar to meet some, you just need to be broad-minded, to stay focused and to remain cool. The rest will do the job.

Bonus: the 9 useful sentences in Thai

Now that you hold all the cards, it’s time to take your joker out. Besides boasting around, you’ll quickly notice that knowing some Thai sentences can prove to be very useful. The best thing would be to be able to speak it fluently, or at least having a good enough level to follow a basic conversation.
Besides being able to develop a stronger relationship, this will be very useful to you to foresee rip offs and other traps for tourists.

Thai, that don’t necessarily expect that you understand them (this tend to change), will express themselves directly. This will be enough to create a surprise or to laugh a lot.

So here are the 9 sentences to learn by heart to stack all the odds in your favor:

  • What’s your name? – Khun Chuu Aray- คุณชื่ออะไร
  • How old are you? – Ayuu Tawray- อายุเท่าไหร่
  • Where do you come from? – Khun Ma Tchac  Tinay- คุณมาจากที่ไหน
  • What do you do for a living? – Khun Tamgan Aray- คุณทำงานอะไร
  • I think you’re really pretty. – Khun Souay Maa- คุณสวยมาก
  • Are you hungry? – Khu Iew Krao May – คุณหิวข้าวไหม
  • What do you want to drink? – Khun Aray May- ดื่มอะไรไหม
  • What’s your number? – Khun Mii Bee Torassape May- คุณมีเบอร์โทรศัพท์ไหม
  • Have you already undergone surgery? – Khun Pleng Pet Rluu Yung- คุณแปลงเพศหรือยัง

Only with these sentences, you should be able to make a difference. Moreover, your learning of Thai could be a good subject of conversation. And as the expression says ìone learns much faster under the quiltî 😉 .

As I’m generous, if you want me to add other sentences, you can ask for them in the comments.