You’re spending a few days in Bangkok and you wish to make the most of the opportunity to meet ladyboys? In the rest of the article, you’ll discover  The Kings Corner, a place where I go each time before going back to France. You’ll notice by yourself that ladies that you can find here have a lot of assets…

Ladyboys bars in a nutshell

As well as for ìclassicalî gogo bars, you’ll absolutely have the possibility to go in Ladyboys bars in Bangkok. For that, you just have to go in the Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong areas.

Purists will tell you to avoid the bars in Patpong considering the rip offs that take place there, and they are right. If you head to this area (which will be the case for the bar I present you here), don’t yield to the desire to discover a ping pong show, or anything that touts will offer you.

In 99% of the cases, that’s a rip off with into the bargain a check of more than 125 euros for a regular beer.

Now relax and let’s get the show started…

A party surrounded by ladyboys

A party at the King Corner

I’ve been to the Kings Corner at least ten times. The first time I went there, that was with Jassy, out of curiosity. Or rather, I was hanging around in the Patpong market before a ladyboy stood in my way and took me in her arms. At least it has the merit of being clear. By the way, you should have seen my face, and especially Jassy’s… “QuÈ passa?”.

The bar is located in a perpendicular street (see map) and has totally been refurbished. Unlike the previous one (where operated transsexuals and non-operated transsexuals where in different bars), now both types are gathered.

Once inside, very hot atmosphere. As you may already know, ladyboys don’t beat around the bush and are far from being shy. In big letters, if they like you, they know really well how to make you notice itÖ By the way, the guy sprawling on a couch with a trans straddling on his knees must know something about that. A good night in sight for him, especially since he didn’t choose the ugliest one.

In short, I sit down with Jassy and since I count on treating myself (and regardless of cost), I invite 3 ladyboys to our table, 2 of which are acquaintances. What is cool is that they got friend with Jassy and that they tell us quite many funny things on the bar and the clients.

kings corner bangkok 2

Which one tempts you most?

The night takes its course, and for once the bar is crowded. As one of the gogos told me, with the coup and the curfew that followed (I’m writing this article in June 2014), tourists are cloistered in their hotels from 22h, which is not good for business.

It’s true that at that time I organized a wander at Nana Plaza. Just when I left my hotel room, the guy at the reception informs us that soldiers have established a curfew. In short, I just had time to go and take some pork kebab in the street. Which didn’t prevent me from enjoying the swimming pool of the U Sukhumvit with Jassy.

hotel bangkok

Not bad, the swimming pool…

To come back to our night, I have to admit that we sure treated ourselves. The ladyboys were really sexy and with a great figure, and many new ones. Well apart from the one with silicone everywhere, to such a point that her prostheses were getting down on here thigh. It really looked like huge riding breeches. When we know that darkness conceals quite a lot of defects, it would have been nice to see her in the morning…

And here comes the check… 3000 bahts (75 euros). Well, it has to be said that we took quite a lot of drinks, and we also paid quite a lot of lady drinks. And when you calculate, that’s not really expensive considering the number of glasses on the table. And our ladyboys buddy had been cool, because they only took beer or coke.

kings corner bangkok

Here’s the entrance and the rates for drinks of course 😉

We just take time to give a tip for the night and we leave the bar, without forgetting the souvenir photo ;-).

So if you want to have a good time and to meet ladyboys in Bangkok, the Kings Corner is one of the bars I would recommend. However, don’t expect anything romantic, here that’s sex money and rock and rolls. Which won’t prevent you from spending a great night… and much more if there’s chemistry.

Have you ever been to the Kings Corner? What do you think of it?

King Corner: practical information

Address: Patpong night market, second street on the right coming from Silom.
Hours: from 18h to 2h
Rates: Beer at 130 bahts, Lady drink at 200 bahts