At the moment, the best way to meet ladyboys is still to use dating sites. Whether you consider taking up a serious relationship or a simple lay, you’ll immediately have access to the best dating sites.

Many men are trying to start a relationship with a nice ladyboy. The only issue is that Asia is not that close. Then, how to meet ladyboys when everything keeps us apart? The first solution is most certainly to browse a dating site.
By the way, if I only had one to recommand you (for serious dates), that would be Myladyboydate.

Why browsing a ladyboy dating site?

Unless you live several months a year in Asia, it will be very hard for you to date ladyboys outside the Internet. That’s not sure that during 15-day holidays, you’ll have enough time to find, seduce and get off with a ladyboy.

To tell you the truth, even long-standing expatriates (me too) use dating sites. Why? Quite simply because it’s much easier to find a ladyboy that is also looking for a serious relationship over the Internet.

For you, on top of being able to meet many people, you will also have the opportunity to get to know the person before meeting to shift up a gear once on site.

Here are the 3 sites I recommand, as well as their whole test.


thai ladyboy

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Tranny Dates

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Ladyboy Kisses

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Which site for which date?

If you’re looking for serious relationships, Mydladyboydate is obvious for you. Created by a you French guy (like me) who lives as a couple with a ladyboy (like me) and expatriated in the Philipines (well, I’m in Thailand). By the way, I interviewed him. You can find that interview by clicking here.

If you like Livecam, you also can try this site.

You can also choose LadyboyKisses. However, if I had to choose between those 2 sites, I would head towars Myladyboydate with no hesitation. You’ll just have to take a look at both sites to convince yourself.

To the contrary, if you’re only looking for one-night stand, those 2 sites are clearly not made for you. I recommand you to head towards Trannydate which is clearly oriented towards this kind of dates. Also note that you can use a video chat feature.

You now hold all the cards to use ladyboys dating sites at best. Enjoy.