In the rest of the article, youíll have access to the whole test of the dating site LadyboyKisses. If you want to make the most of your trip in Thailand (or another Asian country) to meet nice ladyboys, youíre at the right place.

Why browsing LadyboyKisses?

Given the number of Google searches on the LadyboyKisses site, I couldnít avoid writing a whole test on it. If youíve been following this site for a while, I clearly prefer the Myladyboydate site. Have a look to my Top 3 ladyboy dating site.

However, it would be a shame to be sectarian and not look at what is done elsewhere. Therefore, here I am, armed with my 10 fingers and my keyboard to discover this site that is said to be promising.

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First impression

You certainly know the expression ìone doesnít get a second occasion to make a good first impressionî. Well, this expression suits very well to the impression I had when visiting the site: “Wah, that’s outdated”.

Well yes, the design seems to date back to an old era. That’s not nice, and thatís messy. Actually, the site simply looks like an old dating chat.

The thing above all that pissed me off is that one sometimes has to wait for several seconds before seeing a picture.

Here’s a screenshot of the homepage:

ladyboy kisses

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The users

As weíve seen, the form is not exceptional. However, thatís not what matters most when one wishes to meet people. Letís focus on the users in themselves.

Well, the good news is that the site offers numerous profiles and that the users are really very nice. On the one hand, you couldnít expect worse from a ladyboy. When one knows how important the look is and how much time they take to polish their style and their make-up (hang-out in a shopping mall in Thailand, the saleswoman are always stuck to their mirror, when thatís not their phone.

However, I canít guarantee you that theyíre looking for a serious relationship. Given some profiles, some seem to come straight out of a gogo bar. Well, as long as you know where youíre heading, thereís no problem.

By the way, here’s a screenshot for Thailand:

ladyboy kisses

Well, let’s forget once more about the awful design of the site when one visits one of the profiles. Letís focus only on the content (the content Kalvin, the content). Well, to be exhaustive, the profile is exhaustive. Youíll be able to know everything on the life of the person that caught your fancy (at least everything she wants you to know).

By the way, I tried with Pattypat, a really charming ladyboy that lives in Puklook. Admit that the resemblance with a real woman is striking.

ladyboy kisses

Once on her profile, youíll have access to an awful lot of information, her photo album and her description. You should note that the most used language will be English.

ladyboy kisses

From that moment on, youíll be able to get in touch with the user by sending her a message or a flash. By the way, youíll be pleasantly surprised when youíll see she initiates action by contacting you.

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Rates and registration

Registration is quick and youíll be able to access all the features of the site in a few clicks.

ladyboy kisses

Just like Myladyboydate, youíll have to proceed to checkout to send messages and start meeting people. However, the rates are higher, 35 euros per month instead of 24.90 on Myladyboydate. And thatís the same for every pack (in average 20 euros more). The worst thing is that nothing justifies this, not mentioning the awful design.

Here’s a screenshot of the rates:

ladyboy kisses

In short, needless to say thatís far more interesting to go to Myladyboydate. There are as many users and the design is far better. Not mentioning the fact that itís cheaper. By the way, you can find the full test of ìmyladyboydateî by clicking here.


By looking closely, the site currently offers a discount to 25 euros per month. Iíll let you check by yourself if the offer is still available when you read this article.

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