You want to meet transsexuals for serious relationships? Except that on the Internet, apart from the casual sex sites, there’s not much left to eat. The MyLadyBoyDate site will most likely set up a new deal. Therefore, I registered there and I’m revealing the complete test of the site in the rest of the article.

MyLadyboyDate in a word

This is my favorite ladyboy dating site. You’re fed up with dating sites where most models are freelancers offering naughty services? What you want is a serious and lasting relationship with a transsexual? Unlike many dates one can find on the Internet, MyLadyboydate targets the ìserious datesî market, and that’s quite a success.

You’ll discover a site on which surfing is enjoyable, as well as the physique of the numerous ladyboys users of the site. Let’s go for the complete test…

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Complete test


The interface is very easy to use! Whether it is to manage your profile, to read your messages, and of course to look for nice transsexuals, everything is intuitive. As soon as your profile is created, you’ll realize how easy it is to look for profiles.

By the way, you’ll be able to make several kind of research:

  • fast research (by country)
  • advanced research (for those who are demanding, or those who know exactly what they want)
  • online profiles (to directly chat)

You’ll also have 3 tabs that will warn you for a new message, a visit on your profile, or a crush. And I have to say that users don’t waste time if you appeal to them.

myladyboy date

In short, the interface offers everything that one can wait from a dating site.

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The Ladyboy users

I have to say that for most of them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Most of them are hyper feminine and natural. Nothing in common with some that one can find here and there on the Internet.

All the same, it should be noted that most of them come from South-Eastern Asia. This is due to the fact that the webmaster (a French guy), lives in the Philippines, country where he took up residence and lives a great romance with a ladyboy.By the way, his experience led him to create this site.

myladyboy date

If you organize a trip to the Philippines or to Thailand, this is a chance to make pre-dates. Imagine for 2 seconds that one of these charming ladies waits for you at the airport? Besides having a foretaste of the country, this will be a unique occasion to discover a country through a local. From experience, I can tell you that you won’t regret anything from your trip.

As for the occidental ladyboys users, the choice is poorer (even though I have to admit they are rather nice). Although the site isn’t very well known outside of Asia yet, you’ll have every chance to get what you’re looking for. By the way, nothing ventured nothing gained.

But the good news is that I heard from Simon that he’s working on it. The ladyboys users profiles should flourish in the upcoming months. Of course, I’ll keep you up to date.

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The big advantage of the site is that one doesn’t need pay up to consult the profiles. From now on, you can register for free which will enable you to:

  • create your profile
  • explore the profiles
  • make your profile appear in the search results

Then, cling quite a lot with the profile of a transsexual and that you want to chat for a possible date, you should subscribe to a Premium account. The latter will in particular give you right to:

  • send and receive messages
  • appear in the highlighted profiles

I made a screenshot of the rates according to the number of months you xant to subscribe.


myladyboy date

You should note that you can pay thanks to your PayPal account. Useful if you want to remain discrete.


All this made you want to move into action? You just need to fill in the registration form, this won’t take you more than a few minutes.
They’re only waiting for you…

myladyboy date 1

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Before choosing a charged account, here is what I recommend you to do:

  • complete your profile with at least a picture, in order for your profile not to look like a fake on.
  • Make a first research in order to see if some ladyboys users could possibly appeal to you. If you like Asians, you’ll have plenty of choice. Moreover, they are very cute.
  • Select a 1-month subscription to test the site. As you have been able to see in the video, the hits are numerous.

Opinion and summary

That’s rather rare to see a site that gets into serious transsexual dates. We’re rather used to have casual sex sites. It brings a bit of freshness. The ladyboys users are really sexy, and you’ll be able to search everywhere in the world.

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