You want to meet transsexuals? The numerous TV reports (especially in Bangkok) made you want to try the 3rd type adventure? In this article, I give the floor to Simon, creator of “My Laydoy Date”, a dating site which will charm you with its concept.


Ladyboy Dating: Interview of Simon

Hello Simon, could you start by introducing yourself! Your path, your trips…

Interview ladyboy datingHello Kevin! So, I’m 27, I was born and grew up in France, but I’ve been outside of France most of the time for already 5 years now. I’m a recidivist web entrepreneur (I create companies on the Internet, I handle them, and I resell them…) and as it’s a job without any geographical constraint (I only need my laptop and an internet connection) I take advantage of the opportunity to travel from one country to the other quite often.

Today I’m in Thailand, which is a very popular country for expatriate people who work on the Internet, because one can live well there, and life is cheap. And by the way, the Internet connection is really good there.

So, we’re doing this interview today to talk about one of your project, can you tell us a bit more about that?

My latest project is a dating site dedicated to “ladyboys,†(and by extension to all transsexuals in the world). One has to know that besides the big non specialized dating sites like Meetic, eHarmony, Plenty Of Fish… there’s a flock of small ìnicheî, which means they are dedicated to a particular portion of the population (dates for people of more than 40 years, dates for unfaithful couples, dates for catholic people, dates for supporters of this or that political party…). It’s useful when one’s has very precise search criteria and when it’s to find what one’s want in the millions of people subscribed to Meetic.

Ladyboys are very numerous in countries like Thailand or the Philippines, and a lot of men look precisely for a relationship with a ladyboy.

I have a question that runs through my mind, how did you come up with this idea?

I came up with the idea because I myself am in a relationship with a ladyboy! Therefore, I’m very familiar with the difficulties ladyboys encounter to find a relationship. And also the difficulties that men like me have to find serious ladyboys (I don’t talk about going to Soi Crocodile and meeting ladyboys that work in bars!). Anyway, I knew there was a problem, and I wanted to give a solution.

I made some research on the Internet and I saw there were dating sites dealing with this subject! Why did you take the plunge? But before you answer this, can you tell us more on what a ladyboy is?

Because between all names such as transsexuals, trav, ladyboys, katoeys, shemale, it’s sometimes a bit hard to follow.

Yes, the terminology is complicated! Especially since there are some disagreement within the ìcommunityî. I will try to synthesize it…

A transsexual (woman) is a person who was born a man (penis and XY chromosomes) but that identifies physically with a woman, and therefore undertakes physical transformations to correct this (surgery, hormonal treatments…).?In Thailand, the local term that is more or less equivalent to our occidental notion of transsexual is ìkathoeyî. The influx of foreign tourists in Thailand during the last century triggered the quick birth of the English term “ladyboy”, which is the translation of “kathoey”.

There’s also the word ìshemaleî, which is by the way the most searched word on Google, compared to the previous ones, because it’s used in the sex industry (and only in the sex industry). Be careful, never call a transsexual like that, this would be like an insult! (unless, of course, you speak to a porn star…)
And there are many other words that gravitate around this notion, but I’ll stop here. Sexual identity is a very vast subject that would deserve a whole article.

ladyboy dating site

It’s true there’s a multitude of dating sites for ladyboys, transsexuals, shemales, etc… From that point of view, I didn’t invent anything! The problem is that most sites are related either to porn films production companies or to prostitution services (disguised and pretending to be ìdating sitesî, but in fact you only date people if you pay the hourly rate!).

By default, there were no clean an decent alternatives for this part of the population, so people used these degrading services anyway, to have a chance to date a man. The situation was bad, because it stigmatizes this part of the population by associating it with porn and prostitution. As if it’s not already enough that this community suffers from discrimination, it really doesn’t help to lay it on thick like that.

It’s true that the ladyboys’ image is rather sulfurous, especially when one is talking about Asian countries. One forgets that behind this image there are real people who are looking for real relationships.

By the way, if I’m not mistaken, you’re pretty good on that subject?

Yes, they have a sulfurous image, and not only in Asia! One has to know that ìshemale / ladyboyî porn is very successful, and porn sites dedicated to this crop up all over the place. Add to this masses of tourists that have fun taking pictures of prostitute ladyboys in Thailand because they find it odd, and this compose most of the things the world sees about ladyboys: porn and prostitution.

On the Internet, at TV, one can only see this aspect. Of course, tourists don’t see ìdaily life ladyboysî, those who work as nurses, teachers, in an office, and so on… And journalists prefer to produce sensational reports on prostitute ladyboys in Bangkok rather than on the ordinary life of daily life ladyboys.

Therefore, a small part of the ladyboy community is darkens the rest because it’s more visible, more exuberant and more featured. And unfortunately, this stigmatizes the rest of the population (the main part) which has nothing to do with the sex industry.?Of course, ladyboys (whether they work in the sex industry or not) are human beings that only yearn to find love and to start a family… as everyone.

In general, they are attracted by men (although all sexual orientations are possible), the idea is to find a man that is ready to live with a serious relationship with a ladyboy (there are some, but one needs to find them, and here is all the interest of my site).

Very well, you convinced me to try the 3rd sex experience. However, I have no idea where and how to meet ladyboys. How will your site enable me to overcome this obstacle?

By the way, how can one register?

Ahah, if it’s only for an experience, you only need to go out in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya… There are many in bars! It’s rather easy to find ladyboys for a one-night stand. But daily life ladyboys have a work, a life, they don’t go out in bars every night (maybe even not every week-end). I wanted to bring a quality equivalent to Meetic in a site dedicated to ladyboys.

ladyboy dating


On My Ladyboy Date, you’ll be able to contact thousands of ladyboys and transsexuals who are not here to sell you a service (unlike the girls you’ll meet in bars) but that are here for romantic dates. The site is complete, with a live chat system, a mobile version, advanced research features… Registration is free, and you can explore all profiles and photos for free. However, you’ll have to purchase a premium subscription to access the messaging service.

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Speaking of which, where do the ladyboys registered on your datin site come from?

When one talks about ìladyboysî, one usually talks about Asia. So, most of the ladyboys of the site come from the Philippines (all people in the Philippines speak English and have access to the Internet), from Thailand (it’s THE country famous for its ladyboys), Malaysia / Indonesia… But we also have transsexuals that come from all over the world, from Europe, from northern America. By the way, I recently opened a second brand to attract non-Asian transsexuals (My Transsexual Date) because they don’t identify with the name “ladyboy”. “Ladyboy” clearly has an Asian connotation.

Well, all there’s left for me to do is to try my luck and to wish you all the best for your projects. Do you have a last word to say?

Thank you for this interview and this opportunity to disclose my site. I’m really glad to be able to make this project live and to be able to share it with you and your readers. If it can inspire people and help form couples, then it’s all the motivation I need to go on like this!

I thank Simon who played along. And just to know, would you be ready to consider a relationship with a transsexual, whether it’s only for a date or for a real relationship? Give me your opinion in the comments.